About The Penn Masters

The Penn Masters Golf Championship was idea first envisioned between golf buddies George Blasiak & Don Brown Jr. back in the summer of 1996. They both loved the idea of hosting a golf championship at a location away from Central NY. At first, George was adamant about tackling the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama. When that idea fell flat, Don Brown Jr. brought up the fact that his Dad, Don Brown Sr., loved going away each spring with his golfing buddies somewhere in Pennsylvania, but that trip fell through the cracks as the years went by so that settled it -- they would host the ‘Pennsylvania Masters’ Golf Championship during Masters weekend that next April of 1997. They later refined the official name to the ‘Penn Masters’ and the rest, they say, is history.

The true inspiration of this great championship remains the late Don Brown Sr. Everyone in this year's field can honor him by giving it all they've got on every shot, displaying a passion for this great game, never quitting, competing to the bitter end, playing by the rules, and by sharing some laughs on the course with some friends. His spirit will never die. This year's champion will get his name inscribed on the "Brownie" Jug forever, what an honor!