Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan
  • Handicap:10
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Liverpool, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Tim was runner up by 1 stroke in the 2012 Penn Masters to John Walkerwicz. He also owns 4 majors, by winning the GKM League Championship back to back to back from 2007-2009 & again in 2014

Penn Masters Career Low Round(s) - 78 Links at Hiawatha Landing ('06), 78 Wilkes-Barre Golf Club ('12)

101997 Penn Masters255 Results
81998 Penn Masters289 Results
101999 Penn Masters288 Results
T72000 Penn Masters286 Results
T102001 Penn Masters284 Results
T102002 Penn Masters275 Results
T82003 Penn Masters282 Results
182004 Penn Masters299 Results
T152005 Penn Masters281 Results
32006 Penn Masters259 Results
T102008 Penn Masters277 Results
T162009 Penn Masters286 Results
T122010 Penn Masters281 Results
T202011 Penn Masters244 Results
22012 Penn Masters261 Results
152013 Penn Masters272 Results
632014 Penn Masters308 Results
T82015 Penn Masters266 Results
T552016 Penn Masters300 Results
T302017 Penn Masters285 Results
T162018 Penn Masters269 Results
T582019 Penn Masters290 Results
T162021 Penn Masters265 Results
T132020 Penn Masters260 Results
T612022 Penn Masters289 Results
T302023 Penn Masters262 Results
T982024 Penn Masters187 Results
22009Week 184 Results
T32009Week 284 Results
T172009Week 391 Results
12009Week 576 Results
12009Week 679 Results
T12009Week 781 Results
42009Week 9155 Results
22009Week 1082 Results
52010Week 183 Results
172010Week 294 Results
112010Week 393 Results
T42010Week 486 Results
32010Week 588 Results
T112010Week 695 Results
142010Week 792 Results
T102011Week 186 Results
T122011Week 299 Results
22011Week 380 Results
82011Week 691 Results
42011Week 786 Results
T62011Week 885 Results
22011Week 9161 Results
T172012Week 195 Results
42012Week 379 Results
T52012Week 486 Results
72012Week 691 Results
T12012Week 781 Results
12012Week 872 Results
32012Week 9163 Results
52013Week 187 Results
T12013Week 678 Results
1120132013 Family Open90 Results
42014Week 292 Results
520142014 Family Open82 Results
12014Week 680 Results
T12014GKM League Championship156 Results
320152015 Family Open79 Results
12015Rome Country Club79 Results
1220152015 GKM League Championship185 Results
T62016Ravenwood Golf Club84 Results
62016GKM League Championship168 Results
T42016Family Open81 Results
T32016Green Lakes82 Results
12017Links at Greystone82 Results
T72017Family Open81 Results
72017Conklin Players Club91 Results
52017GKM League Championship171 Results
T42018Timber Banks89 Results
32018Family Open79 Results
82018GKM League Championship190 Results
T112019Family Open89 Results
42019GKM League Champ175 Results
T32020GKM League Champ169 Results
T92020Vesper Hills90 Results
52020Sodus Bay Heights86 Results
T172020Family Open86 Results
42021GKM League Championship166 Results
T32021Kanon Valley CC83 Results
T22022Oneida Community Golf Club84 Results
720232023 GKM League Championship178 Results
T32023Foxfire84 Results