Rob Gill

Rob Gill
  • Handicap:9
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Rob finished runner-up during the 2017 GKM League Championship. May threaten for the Brownie Jug in 2019

T252014 Penn Masters280 Results
T82015 Penn Masters266 Results
92016 Penn Masters262 Results
T222017 Penn Masters281 Results
T192018 Penn Masters271 Results
T232019 Penn Masters268 Results
142012Week 192 Results
T32012Week 283 Results
T92012Week 386 Results
42012Week 685 Results
T82012Week 790 Results
72012Week 890 Results
82012Week 9181 Results
32013Week 184 Results
T22013Week 283 Results
72013Week 686 Results
22013Week 886 Results
T820132013 Family Open88 Results
62013Week 380 Results
12013Week 991 Results
T42014Week 186 Results
52014Week 294 Results
T1120142014 Family Open89 Results
T52014GKM League Championship173 Results
520152015 Family Open84 Results
T22015Timber Banks85 Results
72015Rome Country Club91 Results
T52015Springbrook Greens98 Results
42015Turning Stone Classic175 Results
520152015 GKM League Championship169 Results
T142016Ravenwood Golf Club91 Results
142016GKM League Championship178 Results
12016Wayne Hills85 Results
T12016McConnellsville Golf Club86 Results
22016Green Lakes81 Results
62017Links at Greystone91 Results
T52017Family Open80 Results
42017Conklin Players Club86 Results
22017GKM League Championship165 Results
T42018Timber Banks89 Results
42018Family Open80 Results
62018GKM League Championship181 Results
12019Family Open80 Results
22019McConnellsville82 Results
12019GKM League Champ164 Results