Don Brown Jr

  • Handicap:16
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Syracuse, NY
  • College:Syracuse University
  • Birthdate:Dec 31, 1968

The "Chairman" broke through to claim his 1st ever major by winning the 2017 Family Open at Battle Island...He has also finshed 3rd in the 2001 Penn Masters and has 11 Top Tens over his Penn Masters career

Proud to once again host the 'geatest event in all of golf' and honor his beloved father, Don Brown Sr., by presenting the Brownie Jug to our next great champion.


Penn Masters Career Low Round(s) - 80 Great Bear ('00), 80 Eagle Crest ('19)

51997 Penn Masters238 Results
71998 Penn Masters283 Results
61999 Penn Masters276 Results
42000 Penn Masters275 Results
32001 Penn Masters262 Results
T142002 Penn Masters283 Results
42003 Penn Masters272 Results
62004 Penn Masters269 Results
T202005 Penn Masters284 Results
T112006 Penn Masters274 Results
162007 Penn Masters279 Results
T212008 Penn Masters292 Results
82009 Penn Masters274 Results
102010 Penn Masters279 Results
T102011 Penn Masters233 Results
T172012 Penn Masters280 Results
332013 Penn Masters290 Results
T112014 Penn Masters271 Results
T302015 Penn Masters283 Results
142016 Penn Masters269 Results
92017 Penn Masters273 Results
T372018 Penn Masters283 Results
T352019 Penn Masters272 Results
342021 Penn Masters281 Results
T302020 Penn Masters275 Results
T492022 Penn Masters280 Results
T402023 Penn Masters267 Results
T442024 Penn Masters275 Results
32009Week 186 Results
T82009Week 288 Results
T242009Week 394 Results
T42009Week 489 Results
T112009Week 596 Results
42009Week 688 Results
42009Week 785 Results
12009Week 884 Results
92009Week 9166 Results
72009Week 1095 Results
42010Week 182 Results
T82010Week 287 Results
42010Week 388 Results
T12010Week 481 Results
T42010Week 589 Results
32010Week 684 Results
72010Week 7174 Results
T132011Week 189 Results
72011Week 290 Results
T142011Week 388 Results
42011Week 483 Results
T22011Week 586 Results
52011Week 686 Results
52011Week 790 Results
52011Week 884 Results
132011Week 9184 Results
T122012Week 189 Results
T152012Week 291 Results
T62012Week 383 Results
T122012Week 491 Results
102012Week 695 Results
112012Week 794 Results
82012Week 891 Results
92012Week 9182 Results
92013Week 192 Results
112013Week 290 Results
T52013Week 685 Results
32013Week 888 Results
T1220132013 Family Open93 Results
112013Week 387 Results
62013Week 587 Results
T92014Week 190 Results
T82014Week 2102 Results
1020142014 Family Open86 Results
62014Week 4178 Results
T62014Week 692 Results
82014GKM League Championship177 Results
620152015 Family Open87 Results
T32015Rome Country Club86 Results
22015Springbrook Greens90 Results
T22015Turning Stone Classic169 Results
1320152015 GKM League Championship186 Results
192016Ravenwood Golf Club92 Results
122016GKM League Championship175 Results
62016Family Open84 Results
T62016McConnellsville Golf Club91 Results
82016Green Lakes86 Results
52017Links at Greystone90 Results
22017Family Open77 Results
T22017Turning Stone Classic181 Results
T22017Conklin Players Club74 Results
142017GKM League Championship185 Results
152018Timber Banks101 Results
62018Family Open84 Results
T42018GKM League Championship176 Results
152019Family Open91 Results
42019McConnellsville88 Results
12019Cazenovia CC86 Results
112019GKM League Champ189 Results
92020GKM League Champ180 Results
52020Vesper Hills84 Results
82020Sodus Bay Heights92 Results
T172020Family Open86 Results
T102021GKM League Championship193 Results
T1220212021 Family Open87 Results
82021Kanon Valley CC89 Results
T72022GKM League Championship205 Results
32022Radisson89 Results
T1220222022 Family Open89 Results
T52022Oneida Community Golf Club94 Results
1420232023 GKM League Championship212 Results
920232023 Family Open82 Results
T162023Foxfire98 Results
T920242024 Family Open89 Results