Tom McLauchlan

Tom McLauchlan
  • Handicap:17
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

T-Mac can't wait to experience the glory of the Penn Masters that awaits...Capable of making a run at the Low 16


Penn Masters Career Low Round - 85 Peek N Peak Lower ('05)

T232002 Penn Masters300 Results
192003 Penn Masters310 Results
272004 Penn Masters312 Results
92005 Penn Masters271 Results
192006 Penn Masters284 Results
302008 Penn Masters299 Results
282009 Penn Masters300 Results
332010 Penn Masters296 Results
262011 Penn Masters252 Results
T332012 Penn Masters297 Results
T542013 Penn Masters326 Results
462015 Penn Masters293 Results
T342016 Penn Masters284 Results
1072018 Penn Masters98 Results
T512021 Penn Masters299 Results
T422020 Penn Masters282 Results
T762022 Penn Masters301 Results
1082024 Penn Masters206 Results
T152009Week 296 Results
T302009Week 398 Results
82009Week 697 Results
132009Week 8123 Results
172009Week 9178 Results
122009Week 1098 Results
122010Week 394 Results
142010Week 4100 Results
T72010Week 688 Results
T222011Week 194 Results
102011Week 297 Results
232011Week 392 Results
72011Week 594 Results
152011Week 9204 Results
T252012Week 1103 Results
T162012Week 498 Results
T432013Week 2113 Results
1620132013 Family Open95 Results
T1120142014 Family Open89 Results
T122014GKM League Championship185 Results
T202015Timber Banks105 Results
212016Ravenwood Golf Club96 Results
112016GKM League Championship174 Results
T202016Family Open98 Results
T132018Family Open90 Results
T192019Family Open96 Results
T112020Vesper Hills92 Results
T192020Family Open87 Results
T1220212021 Family Open87 Results
T920242024 Family Open89 Results