Paul Grashof

Paul Grashof 2019
  • Handicap:8
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Syracuse, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Paul has recorded seven Top-5 finishes including twice as Penn Masters runner-up. Won the GKM 2009 GKM League Championship and is a 2-time winner of the Hangover Tour Cup in 2010 & 2011. He has 6 medalist efforts over the course of his Hangover Tour career. Capable of shooting in the low 70's at any time, the Brownie Jug is destined to be Paul's one day...could easily happen in the Poconos this May


T42008 Penn Masters268 Results
42009 Penn Masters262 Results
T52010 Penn Masters267 Results
442011 Penn Masters168 Results
142012 Penn Masters276 Results
T72013 Penn Masters264 Results
T22014 Penn Masters254 Results
72015 Penn Masters261 Results
22016 Penn Masters246 Results
42017 Penn Masters262 Results
982018 Penn Masters183 Results
T32019 Penn Masters252 Results
1032021 Penn Masters103 Results
672020 Penn Masters174 Results
1152022 Penn Masters89 Results
42009Week 189 Results
62009Week 286 Results
T42009Week 383 Results
T82009Week 591 Results
32009Week 686 Results
T12009Week 781 Results
T22009Week 885 Results
22009Week 9151 Results
22010Week 173 Results
22010Week 277 Results
22010Week 376 Results
12010Week 575 Results
12010Week 672 Results
T22010Week 7162 Results
T12011Week 177 Results
T42011Week 286 Results
32011Week 381 Results
22011Week 480 Results
22011Week 682 Results
T22011Week 784 Results
22011Week 878 Results
42011Week 9165 Results
T52012Week 185 Results
22012Week 281 Results
52012Week 381 Results
T32012Week 481 Results
32012Week 680 Results
T52012Week 785 Results
32012Week 884 Results
172012Week 989 Results
22013Week 179 Results
T22013Week 283 Results
T52013Week 685 Results
12013Week 885 Results
T1420132013 Family Open94 Results
T22013Week 376 Results
22013Week 579 Results
22014Week 179 Results
12014Week 279 Results
52014Week 4177 Results
T22014Week 687 Results
162014GKM League Championship88 Results
T22015Timber Banks85 Results
22015Rome Country Club85 Results
232015Turning Stone Classic85 Results
1920152015 GKM League Championship84 Results
T142016Ravenwood Golf Club91 Results
52016GKM League Championship165 Results
32016Family Open80 Results
T12016McConnellsville Golf Club86 Results
12016Green Lakes80 Results
202017Family Open91 Results
132017Turning Stone Classic93 Results
12017Conklin Players Club73 Results
222017GKM League Championship86 Results
T92018Family Open87 Results
142018GKM League Championship86 Results
T62019Family Open85 Results
12019McConnellsville77 Results
202020GKM League Champ85 Results
22020Vesper Hills80 Results
92020Sodus Bay Heights94 Results
T72020Family Open81 Results
212021GKM League Championship90 Results
52022Radisson91 Results
T420222022 Family Open83 Results
820232023 Family Open81 Results
122023Foxfire93 Results