Ed Brown

Ed Brown
  • Handicap:5
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Syracuse, NY
  • College:Holy Cross
  • Birthdate:Apr 2, 1965

Ed Brown is the Penn Masters standard bearer as he has recorded a record nine victories in Penn Masters history. Ed Won the Penn Masters three consecutive years, from 1999 through 2001. Since then, he has added wins in 2004, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Ed also holds several other Penn Masters records including greatest comeback (3 strokes in 2010) and most break 80 rounds (11).

Ed is also a four time winner of the Hangover Tour Cup & 11 time winner of the GKM League Championship

However, his 1 stroke defeat at the hands of 2013 Penn Masters Winner, Jerry Schiavo, along with being bested by Spencer Didion down the stretch in '17, still haunt him to this day.

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 74 Pilgrim's Oak ('14)

21997 Penn Masters226 Results
T31998 Penn Masters270 Results
11999 Penn Masters255 Results
12000 Penn Masters258 Results
12001 Penn Masters250 Results
42002 Penn Masters257 Results
22003 Penn Masters255 Results
12004 Penn Masters248 Results
42005 Penn Masters259 Results
T42006 Penn Masters261 Results
52007 Penn Masters267 Results
12008 Penn Masters244 Results
22009 Penn Masters253 Results
12010 Penn Masters249 Results
32011 Penn Masters213 Results
102012 Penn Masters273 Results
22013 Penn Masters245 Results
12014 Penn Masters240 Results
12015 Penn Masters250 Results
12016 Penn Masters244 Results
22017 Penn Masters256 Results
32018 Penn Masters252 Results
T232019 Penn Masters268 Results
T72021 Penn Masters260 Results
T92020 Penn Masters258 Results
102022 Penn Masters255 Results
92023 Penn Masters246 Results
112024 Penn Masters256 Results
12009Week 177 Results
22009Week 282 Results
12009Week 380 Results
12009Week 480 Results
T32009Week 584 Results
32009Week 9152 Results
12009Week 1081 Results
12010Week 172 Results
T42010Week 281 Results
12010Week 375 Results
T12010Week 481 Results
22010Week 681 Results
T22010Week 7162 Results
42011Week 180 Results
T42011Week 286 Results
T172011Week 390 Results
12011Week 779 Results
92011Week 887 Results
12011Week 9158 Results
12012Week 279 Results
32012Week 378 Results
T72012Week 487 Results
22012Week 675 Results
102012Week 893 Results
12012Week 9157 Results
12013Week 178 Results
T22013Week 283 Results
T12013Week 678 Results
T620132013 Family Open86 Results
42013Week 377 Results
12013Week 577 Results
32014Week 185 Results
32014Week 287 Results
32014Week 4172 Results
32014GKM League Championship165 Results
T120152015 Family Open77 Results
T32015Rome Country Club86 Results
12015Turning Stone Classic167 Results
720152015 GKM League Championship173 Results
102016Ravenwood Golf Club85 Results
12016GKM League Championship154 Results
T12016Family Open79 Results
22017Links at Greystone83 Results
T72017Family Open81 Results
12017Turning Stone Classic160 Results
T22017Conklin Players Club74 Results
12017GKM League Championship154 Results
92018Timber Banks92 Results
12018Family Open75 Results
22018GKM League Championship164 Results
T62019Family Open85 Results
22019Cazenovia CC91 Results
22020GKM League Champ167 Results
32020Vesper Hills82 Results
12020Sodus Bay Heights80 Results
T32020Family Open78 Results
82021GKM League Championship185 Results
1120212021 Family Open86 Results
T32021Kanon Valley CC83 Results
12022GKM League Championship168 Results
12022Radisson81 Results
220222022 Family Open80 Results
12022Oneida Community Golf Club80 Results
420232023 GKM League Championship167 Results
120232023 Family Open74 Results
22023Foxfire79 Results