Michael Jaquin

Michael Jaquin
  • Handicap:15
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Micahel is a proud 3 time Family Open Champion.  Looking forward to his 1st 'Low 16' appearance at the 2023 Penn Masters


Penn Masters Career Low Round - 89 Dauphin Highlands ('09)

212006 Penn Masters288 Results
T412007 Penn Masters311 Results
312008 Penn Masters300 Results
252009 Penn Masters298 Results
T342010 Penn Masters297 Results
502011 Penn Masters206 Results
692013 Penn Masters204 Results
862014 Penn Masters208 Results
892016 Penn Masters188 Results
1032018 Penn Masters198 Results
T562019 Penn Masters289 Results
T412021 Penn Masters287 Results
T542022 Penn Masters283 Results
1102023 Penn Masters183 Results
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212010Week 1100 Results
222010Week 298 Results
T382011Week 3103 Results
132011Week 894 Results
32012Week 183 Results
T182012Week 294 Results
T1120142014 Family Open89 Results
720152015 Family Open88 Results
T202015Timber Banks105 Results
T92016Family Open88 Results
T112017Family Open83 Results
T132019Family Open90 Results
42020Vesper Hills83 Results
T282020Family Open91 Results
92021GKM League Championship189 Results
1620212021 Family Open88 Results
T1220222022 Family Open89 Results