Brian McLauchlan

Brian McLauchlan Family Open
  • Handicap:8
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Liverpool, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Brian won the Brownie Jug at the 2007 Penn Masters. Later that same year he carded a 69 to win the Family Open at Liverpool. He also completed the 'triple crown' by taking down golf legend, Ed Brown, during the 2018 GKM League Championship. 

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 73 Mountain Laurel ('16)

52001 Penn Masters265 Results
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T92004 Penn Masters282 Results
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T220142014 Family Open80 Results
T12014GKM League Championship156 Results
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T22015Timber Banks85 Results
420152015 GKM League Championship168 Results
T62016Ravenwood Golf Club84 Results
22016GKM League Championship157 Results
T42016Family Open81 Results
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32017GKM League Championship168 Results
102018Timber Banks94 Results
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