Kris Shore

Kris Shore
  • Handicap:18
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Kris is a 2-time Family Open Champion. Loves hanging with all of his buds at the Penn Masters


Penn Masters Career Low Round - 100 En-Joie Golf Club ('15)

702013 Penn Masters222 Results
872014 Penn Masters209 Results
T572015 Penn Masters312 Results
962016 Penn Masters216 Results
T1042018 Penn Masters212 Results
T802023 Penn Masters299 Results
T462009Week 3111 Results
242009Week 10110 Results
232010Week 2100 Results
T382011Week 3103 Results
T222012Week 1100 Results
T1720142014 Family Open91 Results
2520152015 Family Open102 Results
T282016Family Open107 Results
272017Family Open95 Results
T132018Family Open90 Results
T232020Family Open88 Results
T820222022 Family Open87 Results