Carder Hicks

Carder Hicks
  • Handicap:19
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Mattydale, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Carder has 1 major title on his lifetime resume. He won the 1998 GKM League Championship in a playoff over Ed Brown. Always heads down Wednesday, the day prior to the Penn Masters, to play a series of cheater rounds with brother Sam


Penn Masters Career Low Round - 85 Peek N Peak Lower ('05)

81999 Penn Masters282 Results
92000 Penn Masters291 Results
62001 Penn Masters271 Results
T102002 Penn Masters275 Results
182003 Penn Masters308 Results
T112004 Penn Masters285 Results
392005 Penn Masters184 Results
332006 Penn Masters316 Results
T172007 Penn Masters280 Results
T322008 Penn Masters302 Results
332009 Penn Masters305 Results
T202010 Penn Masters287 Results
172011 Penn Masters240 Results
T252012 Penn Masters291 Results
T392013 Penn Masters296 Results
T412014 Penn Masters292 Results
T572015 Penn Masters312 Results
952016 Penn Masters215 Results
792017 Penn Masters340 Results
1172022 Penn Masters104 Results
832023 Penn Masters301 Results
192009Week 2104 Results
262009Week 395 Results
152009Week 5105 Results
92009Week 796 Results
212009Week 9187 Results
132009Week 1099 Results
T122010Week 193 Results
T202010Week 297 Results
T72010Week 391 Results
62010Week 489 Results
T122010Week 5100 Results
122010Week 7188 Results
T182011Week 192 Results
112011Week 298 Results
T262011Week 396 Results
72011Week 485 Results
T42011Week 591 Results
62011Week 791 Results
122011Week 893 Results
122011Week 9183 Results
T222012Week 1100 Results
202012Week 295 Results
T152012Week 392 Results
62012Week 689 Results
212012Week 9103 Results
T292013Week 298 Results
102013Week 690 Results
62013Week 898 Results
1820132013 Family Open101 Results
T132013Week 394 Results
102013Week 597 Results
202014Week 197 Results
T82014Week 2102 Results
T1720142014 Family Open91 Results
172014Week 4216 Results
T92014Week 696 Results
112014GKM League Championship184 Results
T1720152015 Family Open98 Results
192015Timber Banks104 Results
T52015Springbrook Greens98 Results
182015Turning Stone Classic212 Results
1720152015 GKM League Championship213 Results
352016Ravenwood Golf Club109 Results
212016GKM League Championship205 Results
T232016Family Open101 Results
142016Green Lakes100 Results
T172018GKM League Championship100 Results
T412019Family Open106 Results
42019Cazenovia CC101 Results
T92020Vesper Hills90 Results
272020Family Open90 Results
3220212021 Family Open103 Results
112021Kanon Valley CC104 Results
2220232023 GKM League Championship106 Results
T162023Foxfire98 Results