Mark Jaquin

Mark Jaquin
  • Handicap:24
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Wolf once shot 76 at Battle Island to win the Family Open...a tourney he has won 5 times

Penn Masters Career Low Round(s) - 86 Upper Perk ('02), 86 Peek N Peak Lower ('05), 86 Conklin  Players Club ('06)

61997 Penn Masters239 Results
61998 Penn Masters280 Results
T111999 Penn Masters293 Results
102000 Penn Masters293 Results
172001 Penn Masters295 Results
T82002 Penn Masters273 Results
132003 Penn Masters294 Results
172004 Penn Masters298 Results
T72005 Penn Masters270 Results
T152006 Penn Masters281 Results
202007 Penn Masters285 Results
322009 Penn Masters304 Results
T612010 Penn Masters226 Results
T302011 Penn Masters258 Results
T412012 Penn Masters304 Results
T432013 Penn Masters300 Results
T652014 Penn Masters313 Results
T522015 Penn Masters305 Results
652016 Penn Masters310 Results
T722021 Penn Masters320 Results
1012022 Penn Masters345 Results
952023 Penn Masters318 Results
T842024 Penn Masters325 Results
T72009Week 193 Results
172009Week 297 Results
T302009Week 398 Results
92009Week 4103 Results
102009Week 593 Results
T102009Week 6102 Results
112009Week 799 Results
T82009Week 897 Results
142009Week 9171 Results
282009Week 10112 Results
222010Week 1101 Results
482010Week 2128 Results
202010Week 3105 Results
T72010Week 490 Results
112010Week 598 Results
T332011Week 1117 Results
T342011Week 399 Results
102011Week 489 Results
T42011Week 591 Results
T132011Week 6106 Results
T92011Week 793 Results
172011Week 8106 Results
T252012Week 1103 Results
202012Week 397 Results
T182012Week 499 Results
152012Week 6102 Results
142012Week 7110 Results
52012Week 886 Results
T142012Week 9207 Results
112013Week 1102 Results
T232013Week 295 Results
132013Week 697 Results
T820132013 Family Open88 Results
T182013Week 3101 Results
T342014Week 1109 Results
T162014Week 2113 Results
T2220142014 Family Open94 Results
T142014Week 4214 Results
42014Week 689 Results
102014GKM League Championship183 Results
T1220152015 Family Open95 Results
222016Ravenwood Golf Club97 Results
332016Family Open113 Results
92016McConnellsville Golf Club104 Results
T282017Family Open96 Results
162017Turning Stone Classic118 Results
T262018Family Open106 Results
T452019Family Open110 Results
132019GKM League Champ239 Results
142020Vesper Hills105 Results
112020Sodus Bay Heights107 Results
582020Family Open130 Results
132021GKM League Championship211 Results
T2920212021 Family Open99 Results
102021Kanon Valley CC101 Results
92022GKM League Championship209 Results
122022Radisson108 Results
T2720222022 Family Open106 Results
T3320232023 Family Open106 Results