Todd Julio

Todd Julio
  • Handicap:14
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Buffalo, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

TJ , a proud Bills & Sabres fan, hails from Buffalo, NY but now resides in Williamsburg, VA with his wife and family

101998 Penn Masters292 Results
51999 Penn Masters275 Results
112000 Penn Masters294 Results
T182002 Penn Masters291 Results
172003 Penn Masters303 Results
T92004 Penn Masters282 Results
272005 Penn Masters297 Results
472006 Penn Masters205 Results
262007 Penn Masters294 Results
122008 Penn Masters278 Results
562009 Penn Masters193 Results
T342010 Penn Masters297 Results
462011 Penn Masters189 Results
T212012 Penn Masters285 Results
172013 Penn Masters274 Results
T182016 Penn Masters272 Results
T222017 Penn Masters281 Results
1012018 Penn Masters188 Results
T92009Week 1097 Results
22010Week 587 Results
242011Week 394 Results