Greg Griffin

Greg Griffin
  • Handicap:8
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Clay, NY
  • College:St. Lawrence University
  • Birthdate:

Griff is a proud member of the Original 16 who competed in the 1st Penn Masters Golf Championship in Hershey, PA. 

Consistently plays from the Championship Tees on Sunday after securing spot in Prestigious 'Low 16'...longshot to win it all, but it's possible

141997 Penn Masters270 Results
192001 Penn Masters298 Results
222002 Penn Masters298 Results
142003 Penn Masters297 Results
142004 Penn Masters292 Results
122005 Penn Masters279 Results
142006 Penn Masters278 Results
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182020 Penn Masters263 Results
T472022 Penn Masters279 Results
T262023 Penn Masters261 Results
T172024 Penn Masters264 Results
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12011Week 379 Results
T82011Week 488 Results
52011Week 9167 Results
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172012Week 292 Results
T122012Week 491 Results
62012Week 889 Results
320132013 Family Open80 Results
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T212014Week 198 Results
T220142014 Family Open80 Results
72014Week 4186 Results
52015Turning Stone Classic180 Results
102016GKM League Championship172 Results
T122016Family Open90 Results
T232017Family Open93 Results
112017GKM League Championship178 Results
32018Timber Banks88 Results
T42019Family Open84 Results
T62019GKM League Champ180 Results
T92020Family Open82 Results