Tom Jaquin

Tommy J
  • Handicap:27
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Liverpool, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:Jul 14, 1959

Tommy, making his 16th career Penn Masters start, has won 3 Family Open titles during his career...he'll be trying to break 100 in all tournament rounds in Allentown this year

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 93 Conklin Players Club ('01)

222001 Penn Masters320 Results
292002 Penn Masters318 Results
392006 Penn Masters331 Results
432008 Penn Masters310 Results
T502009 Penn Masters334 Results
342011 Penn Masters262 Results
722012 Penn Masters227 Results
722014 Penn Masters329 Results
682015 Penn Masters341 Results
862017 Penn Masters355 Results
882018 Penn Masters344 Results
792019 Penn Masters314 Results
882021 Penn Masters333 Results
T572020 Penn Masters318 Results
T932022 Penn Masters322 Results
862023 Penn Masters304 Results
282009Week 2127 Results
T382009Week 3104 Results
T62009Week 892 Results
T192009Week 10108 Results
232010Week 1106 Results
232010Week 3109 Results
132010Week 498 Results
152010Week 5105 Results
T112010Week 695 Results
T332011Week 1117 Results
T262011Week 396 Results
152011Week 6108 Results
162011Week 8104 Results
172011Week 9221 Results
T212012Week 3100 Results
T182012Week 499 Results
152013Week 6104 Results
T1920132013 Family Open104 Results
262013Week 3108 Results
132013Week 5117 Results
T322014Week 1107 Results
T3220142014 Family Open100 Results
T122014Week 4210 Results
1520152015 Family Open96 Results
72015Springbrook Greens110 Results
252015Turning Stone Classic117 Results
T352016Family Open118 Results
152017Links at Greystone115 Results
322017Family Open99 Results
152017Turning Stone Classic113 Results
222018Family Open100 Results
T332019Family Open102 Results
152020Vesper Hills109 Results
122020Sodus Bay Heights108 Results
T402020Family Open100 Results
T3320212021 Family Open104 Results
132022Radisson114 Results
T1920222022 Family Open96 Results
82022Oneida Community Golf Club100 Results
T2220232023 Family Open97 Results
T192023Foxfire101 Results