Glen MacNeil

Glen MacNeil
  • Handicap:16
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

MacNeil Capital Management is proud to be the long time sponsor of the Penn Masters.

Glen has made steady progress over his Penn Masters career and is bound to make the 'Low 16'

Is responsible for bringing in the growing chowdahead contingent from New England to the Penn Masters

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 86 Country Club of the Poconos ('21)

291998 Penn Masters219 Results
231999 Penn Masters219 Results
202000 Penn Masters213 Results
292001 Penn Masters196 Results
202003 Penn Masters317 Results
T212004 Penn Masters304 Results
322005 Penn Masters315 Results
352006 Penn Masters319 Results
362007 Penn Masters300 Results
T272008 Penn Masters297 Results
392009 Penn Masters317 Results
T272010 Penn Masters292 Results
292011 Penn Masters256 Results
T372012 Penn Masters298 Results
322013 Penn Masters288 Results
T502014 Penn Masters298 Results
T262015 Penn Masters281 Results
482016 Penn Masters293 Results
T652017 Penn Masters315 Results
T652018 Penn Masters306 Results
T662019 Penn Masters297 Results
T302021 Penn Masters278 Results
462020 Penn Masters285 Results
1142023 Penn Masters101 Results
1052024 Penn Masters201 Results