Bob Masouras

Bob Masouras
  • Handicap:18
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Bob has 5 Top 25 Finishes in Penn Masters history. Will be making his 18th consecutive start in this great championship
Congrats to Bob on his recent retirement from Met Life!

162004 Penn Masters295 Results
T202005 Penn Masters284 Results
232006 Penn Masters292 Results
212007 Penn Masters289 Results
T362008 Penn Masters304 Results
372009 Penn Masters310 Results
362010 Penn Masters298 Results
182011 Penn Masters242 Results
492012 Penn Masters312 Results
T262013 Penn Masters283 Results
T502014 Penn Masters298 Results
T402016 Penn Masters286 Results
T492017 Penn Masters296 Results
522018 Penn Masters294 Results
492019 Penn Masters282 Results
502021 Penn Masters297 Results
T372020 Penn Masters278 Results
T512022 Penn Masters282 Results
T72010Week 391 Results
102010Week 494 Results
T212011Week 391 Results
T112011Week 491 Results
T212012Week 296 Results
T152013Week 292 Results
192014Week 4100 Results
T62014Week 692 Results
T162015Timber Banks100 Results
202016Ravenwood Golf Club94 Results
92016Green Lakes88 Results
T232017Family Open93 Results
T132019Family Open90 Results
72020Sodus Bay Heights91 Results
T282020Family Open91 Results