Mike Arena

Mike Arena
  • Handicap:30
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Mike has been a great addition to the Penn Masters. He'll be making his 13th consecutive start in Allentown this May

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 102 Diamond Hawk ('20)

552011 Penn Masters252 Results
T672012 Penn Masters352 Results
612013 Penn Masters337 Results
792014 Penn Masters351 Results
722015 Penn Masters360 Results
822016 Penn Masters373 Results
942017 Penn Masters438 Results
932018 Penn Masters369 Results
882019 Penn Masters348 Results
872021 Penn Masters332 Results
632020 Penn Masters331 Results
1002022 Penn Masters344 Results
982023 Penn Masters328 Results
432014Week 1129 Results
102015Springbrook Greens123 Results
212015Turning Stone Classic242 Results
T352016Family Open118 Results
T112016McConnellsville Golf Club111 Results
162017Links at Greystone116 Results
342017Family Open103 Results
242018Timber Banks118 Results
252018Family Open105 Results
122018GKM League Championship225 Results
T502019Family Open116 Results
92019McConnellsville113 Results
T162020GKM League Champ238 Results
432020Family Open102 Results
3120212021 Family Open100 Results
2620222022 Family Open103 Results
T3020232023 Family Open101 Results