Charlie Jaquin

Charlie Jaquin
  • Handicap:15
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:Liverpool, NY
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Charlie opened with a spectacular round of 86 at Blue Shamrock during the 2018 Penn Masters...and then closed out the 2022 championship with a career low round of 81 at Blue Ridge Trail...has been anointed "Penn Masters Assistant Chairman" for his efforts in helping Don run the greatest event in all of golf

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 81 Blue Ridge Trail ('22)

462013 Penn Masters309 Results
T412014 Penn Masters292 Results
T282015 Penn Masters282 Results
T432016 Penn Masters290 Results
T272017 Penn Masters282 Results
T312018 Penn Masters279 Results
T402019 Penn Masters274 Results
T452021 Penn Masters294 Results
T422020 Penn Masters282 Results
T292022 Penn Masters272 Results
T562023 Penn Masters277 Results
T372024 Penn Masters273 Results
132011Week 5113 Results
192011Week 6114 Results
282012Week 3110 Results
272012Week 4116 Results
T132012Week 6101 Results
172012Week 7126 Results
142012Week 8107 Results
162012Week 9215 Results
402013Week 2105 Results
T92013Week 8103 Results
1720132013 Family Open99 Results
172013Week 398 Results
292014Week 1102 Results
72014Week 2101 Results
T1720142014 Family Open91 Results
82014Week 4188 Results
T122014GKM League Championship185 Results
1620152015 Family Open97 Results
T222015Timber Banks106 Results
62015Rome Country Club89 Results
T32015Springbrook Greens95 Results
152015Turning Stone Classic202 Results
820152015 GKM League Championship174 Results
T252016Ravenwood Golf Club100 Results
172016GKM League Championship187 Results
22016Wayne Hills94 Results
T92016Family Open88 Results
T32016McConnellsville Golf Club89 Results
T32016Green Lakes82 Results
T92017Links at Greystone96 Results
132017Family Open85 Results
52017Conklin Players Club87 Results
122017GKM League Championship182 Results
182018Timber Banks105 Results
52018Family Open81 Results
T42018GKM League Championship176 Results
102019Family Open87 Results
92019GKM League Champ185 Results
62020GKM League Champ172 Results
T72020Vesper Hills86 Results
62020Sodus Bay Heights87 Results
T322020Family Open92 Results
T52021GKM League Championship176 Results
T920212021 Family Open84 Results
72021Kanon Valley CC88 Results
T72022GKM League Championship205 Results
72022Radisson99 Results
1520222022 Family Open90 Results
T920232023 GKM League Championship188 Results
1720232023 Family Open90 Results