Lucas Amidon

Lucas Amidon
  • Handicap:11
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

Lucas is a proud 3 time champion of the Ted Amidon Memorial Trophy...Winning the hardware in 2014, 2016 & 2018

T462014 Penn Masters294 Results
T282015 Penn Masters282 Results
132016 Penn Masters268 Results
T222017 Penn Masters281 Results
T62018 Penn Masters261 Results
T192019 Penn Masters266 Results
T282021 Penn Masters277 Results
T282020 Penn Masters273 Results
T362022 Penn Masters275 Results
T272012Week 1104 Results
352012Week 2116 Results
292012Week 3112 Results
412013Week 2107 Results
T342014Week 1109 Results
142014Week 2109 Results
T142014Week 4214 Results
T162015Timber Banks100 Results
62015Turning Stone Classic184 Results
1120152015 GKM League Championship183 Results