George Shepherd

Shepherds Pie
  • Handicap:21
  • Swings:Right
  • Hometown:
  • College:
  • Birthdate:

George, a regular on the Penn Masters circuit, is simply known as 'Shepherd's Pie'

Has the game to shoot in the low 90's when things are going well, but typically not in the Penn Masters

Loves playing side by side with brother John

Penn Masters Career Low Round - 90 Blue Ridge Trail ('22)

282004 Penn Masters313 Results
332005 Penn Masters316 Results
262006 Penn Masters298 Results
T412007 Penn Masters311 Results
T402009 Penn Masters318 Results
T422010 Penn Masters314 Results
T352011 Penn Masters263 Results
752014 Penn Masters332 Results
T552016 Penn Masters300 Results
672017 Penn Masters316 Results
T672018 Penn Masters307 Results
692019 Penn Masters298 Results
T552021 Penn Masters301 Results
T732022 Penn Masters297 Results
622023 Penn Masters279 Results
102009Week 1100 Results
182009Week 2102 Results
T272009Week 396 Results
82009Week 496 Results
T112009Week 596 Results
92009Week 699 Results
132009Week 7103 Results
T82009Week 897 Results
192009Week 9180 Results
T162010Week 198 Results
242010Week 2101 Results
62010Week 390 Results
112010Week 496 Results
102010Week 692 Results
112010Week 7186 Results
282011Week 1101 Results
T142011Week 2100 Results
T492011Week 3110 Results
112011Week 9182 Results
302012Week 1106 Results
332012Week 2113 Results
T162012Week 498 Results
122012Week 6100 Results
122012Week 8103 Results
122012Week 9193 Results
T362013Week 2103 Results
42013Week 891 Results
T1220132013 Family Open93 Results
T182013Week 3101 Results
192014Week 2119 Results
T2720142014 Family Open98 Results
T1720152015 Family Open98 Results
82015Rome Country Club99 Results
172015Turning Stone Classic211 Results
2020152015 GKM League Championship88 Results
T252016Ravenwood Golf Club100 Results
32016Wayne Hills96 Results
72017Links at Greystone92 Results
142017Turning Stone Classic108 Results
T192019Family Open96 Results
182019GKM League Champ97 Results
T232020Family Open88 Results
142021GKM League Championship214 Results
2520212021 Family Open97 Results
T102022Radisson103 Results
T1920222022 Family Open96 Results
T52022Oneida Community Golf Club94 Results
T1520232023 Family Open87 Results