Official Family Open Pairings are set!

Battle Island State Park

58 players will set sail this Saturday morning at Battle Island State Park and compete to claim the Family Open Silver. Pat Conroy defends on what shapes up to be an incredible day with family and friends



Jun. 27, 2020The Family OpenHangover TourBattle Island Golf Course
T1 Chris Anderson 10:00 AM
T1 John Andrews 11:10 AM
T1 Mike Arena 11:00 AM
T1 Jerry Ashe 10:20 AM
T1 Rick Bell 10:50 AM
T1 Bruce Berg 9:00 AM
T1 Ed Brown 9:50 AM
T1 Don Brown Jr 10:50 AM
T1 Joe Carni 9:40 AM
T1 Joe Christian 11:10 AM
T1 Tom Comer 9:40 AM
T1 Pat Conroy 10:10 AM
T1 Gary Conroy 10:10 AM
T1 Doug Daniel 9:00 AM
T1 Peter DeLoria 10:00 AM
T1 Rob Gill 10:30 AM
T1 Sam Golden 9:20 AM
T1 Peter Goral 10:50 AM
T1 Mike Gorham 9:20 AM
T1 Paul Grashof 10:30 AM
T1 Chris Harrigan 10:20 AM
T1 Will Harrigan 10:20 AM
T1 Jack Harrigan 10:20 AM
T1 Carder Hicks 9:50 AM
T1 Tom Hoffman 11:00 AM
T1 Mark Jaquin 10:50 AM
T1 Charlie Jaquin 9:20 AM
T1 Chuck Jaquin 9:40 AM
T1 Michael Jaquin 9:20 AM
T1 Tom Jaquin 8:50 AM
T1 Mike Krupa 10:00 AM
T1 Eric Kyle 9:40 AM
T1 Bob Masouras 9:10 AM
T1 Marty McEneny 9:30 AM
T1 Tom McLauchlan 9:30 AM
T1 Mac McLauchlan 10:10 AM
T1 Brian McLauchlan 10:10 AM
T1 John Murphy 10:40 AM
T1 Kevin Murphy 10:40 AM
T1 Brian Murphy 9:30 AM
T1 Joel Myers 9:10 AM
T1 Gary Natali 9:10 AM
T1 Ty Natali 9:10 AM
T1 Chuck O'Brien 9:00 AM
T1 Tony Ponto 11:00 AM
T1 Anthony Ponto 11:00 AM
T1 Tom Rigley 8:50 AM
T1 Jacob Romancik 10:30 AM
T1 Tim Ryan 10:30 AM
T1 Don Saunders 9:00 AM
T1 Evan Sgroi 11:10 AM
T1 Tony Sgroi 11:10 AM
T1 George Shepherd 9:50 AM
T1 Kris Shore 10:40 AM
T1 George Shore 10:40 AM
T1 Jeff Snyder 9:30 AM
T1 Tom Tracy 8:50 AM
T1 Dean Tubbert 9:50 AM